You will quickly learn how to broker commercial mortgage loans with our comprehensive training curriculum and live loan coaching.   

Commercial Mortgage Training Package on CD ROM (included with purchase of BrokerPro OFFICE - contents below)

  • Train your Loan Officers, Processors and Underwriters
  • 90+ minutes of comprehensive video training
  • 160+ pages of practical hands-on training guides
  • Teaches Basic, Intermediate and Advanced commercial mortgage topics


LendingApps provides a comprehensive Commercial Training Package that covers every important aspect about commercial real estate financing. The Package is delivered on CD Rom (contents below) and includes toll free Underwriting Support from seasoned commercial real estate professionals to advise you on specific underwriting issues and to help ensure that your loan requests are being presented accurately.


Commercial Mortgage Training Loan Applications and Forms
Quick Start Guide
Simple steps for entering a loan using Broker Pro software.
Broker Guide
Step-by-step guide that details the process of originating a commercial loan and entering the loan into BrokerPro (15 pages).
Owner-Occupied Loans
Simple steps to enter and analyze Owner-Occupied loans (6 pages).
Restaurant Loans
Simple steps to enter and analyze Restaurant loans (4 pages).
Construction Loans
Simple steps to enter and analyze New Construction loans (4 pages).
Fee Agreement (2 pages)
Letter of Interest to Borrower (1 page)
Closing Cost Worksheet  (1 page)
Office Application (3 pages)
Retail Application (3 pages)
Industrial Application (3 pages)
Multifamily Application (3 pages)
Mobile Home Park Application (3 pages)
Self Storage Application (3 pages)
Hotel/Motel Application (2 pages)
Healthcare Application (3 pages)
Note: for Mixed Use properties, use any combination from above
Reference Materials Business Development Information
Underwriting Guide
Detailed underwriting manual describing underwriting guidelines based on property type (23 pages).
Underwriting Matrix
Matrix of major underwriting guidelines (1 page).
Sample Lender Quote
Illustrates a sample Loan Quote from a lender (4 pages).
Comprehensive glossary commercial mortgage terms (51 pages).
Sources for Leads
Detailed guide to understanding the process of building your commercial mortgage business and increasing deal flow; includes sample letters that help you build your commercial mortgage pipeline (19 pages).
Origination Overview
Simple overview guide of the commercial mortgage origination process (4 pages).
US Licensing Agencies
Contact information for mortgage and real estate regulatory agencies in the U.S. (10 pages).
Training Videos
Video 1
Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Origination - Analysis (Part 1)
This video covers the initial sizing of a loan to determine the feasibility. Introduces the concepts of NCF, Value, LTV and DSCR.
(Video length: 11 min.)
Video 2
Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Origination - Adjustments (Part 2) 
This video illustrates how to address underwriting issues discovered in the initial analysis. Introduces Vacancy, Replacement Reserves and other underwriting reserves, and Cap Rates.
(Video length: 13 min.)
Video 3
Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Origination - Packaging (Part 3) 
This video illustrates the best practices for preparing loan requests for fast quotes.
(Video length: 20 min.)
Video 4
How to Increase your Profit on Commercial Mortgage Deals
This video discusses loan interest rate spreads and fees, underwriting constraints and guidelines based upon different property types and other issues that affect the overall loan risk and loan pricing.
(Video length: 20 min.)
Video 5
Key Issues in Sizing and Underwriting Multifamily Loans
This video illustrates key issues in originating, sizing and underwriting Multifamily loans. The video covers perspectives from the originator and the underwriter.
(Video length: 15 min.)
Video 6
LoanSizer Broker Pro - Features & Functionality
This video demonstrates general workflow, adding Properties and Buildings, attaching pictures, rent roll, modifying leasing assumptions, normalizing the income stream, and modifying underwriting guidelines.
(Video length: 16 min.)