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LendingApps is a leading provider of commercial mortgage origination and underwriting software, training and underwriting services. Our products and services include a suite of software and web-based commercial mortgage origination and underwriting applications including BrokerPro Software - the most widely used desktop commercial mortgage underwriting software in the industry.  With over 3,000 customers using BrokerPro Software, annual loan volume in 2004 exceeded $20 billion.    Founded in 2001, LendingApps continues to provide products and services to commercial mortgage professionals including the first standardized commercial mortgage origination and desktop underwriting program in the industry. With our continued participation with the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO), Commercial Mortgage Securities Association, and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, LendingApps is focused on delivering cutting-edge technology to further streamline the commercial mortgage process.   John Svirsky, the Technology Chairman of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers, highly recommends BrokerPro Software and Training in two articles he published in the Mortgage Press, 2004 and 2005.  

Read some of the comments from our customers, below:

William Marceau, Northland Credit Corp., MI
"I did a commercial mortgage loan using BrokerPro for a healthcare building charging 1.5 points for the $4.2MM loan request and my commission was over $60,000. I am very happy with the software."
Brad Langdon, Langdon Mortgage, FL
"We purchased BrokerPro Office 60 days ago and collected over $80,000 in fees during this period. The software was the secret ingredient to making a professional presentation and having access to over 85 lenders."
Chris S. Lewis, VP Commercial Mortgage, Wells Fargo
"As lenders, we see an enormous flow of business. The majority of these requests are incomplete and/or poorly prepared. LoanSizer desktop software is a very good program which accurately summarizes the information needed to make an informed decision. LoanSizer deals go to the top of my stack because the complete package shows that the broker understands the issues and has some control of the deal. As a result, we can respond very quickly and provide a "bankable" quote with minimal contingencies. The software allows us to respond with a push of a button as opposed to preparing a quote letter from scratch. LoanSizer saves us a lot of time."
Reese W. Reeves, Partner, Investors Capital, CA
"At Investors Capital, we focus on providing fast and accurate quotes to our commercial clients. LoanSizer provides a consistent format that enables us to focus on deals that work. I am not very computer savvy, but I have been able to use your program and utilize the Internet connectivity with lenders. As a former bank executive, I only wish that my lending staff had your program to underwrite their loans and present them to committee in one easy operation. Thanks for creating such a useful tool for today's competitive commercial marketplace."
Randy Dorr, Blackhorse Mortgage, TX
"My client took his $3.2MM retail property loan to his local Wells Fargo who could not do it -- not only could I do it using BrokerPro, but it only took me three hours to put together and I got him the loan with no prepayment penalty. I'd say what I made on this loan more than paid for the software!"
Jeremie Tavisola, Loan Officer, CA
"What used to take me three days to put together, takes me only one hour using BrokerPro Software. I make an average of $35,000 on each loan and have totally reorganized my commercial business around BrokerPro."
Alfred Acitelli, Imperium Financial Group, MI
"I am now 100% commercial since last September and have done more than 30 commercial mortgage loans with BrokerPro this year. We just placed a $5.1 million loan on a light industrial complex of 7 buildings as an owner/user set of rentals. We have two points built in, and received a fine response from the lenders whom we matched with LendingApps. I love this stuff. I highly recommend anyone who gets into commercial should read the entire underwriting manual that comes with the software."

"Your training is great and the staff of commercial guys on your support hotline are amazing. I have already built a commercial loan pipeline of $24MM and the money you make on commercial is unbelievable. I am so glad I made the switch from residential to commercial."
Michael Sneden, Exec. VP, ValuExpress Commercial, NY
"The greatest tip for mortgage brokers is to prepare for the lender a reasonably organized mortgage package," says Sneden, who often receives "dribs and drab of information" he finds almost unintelligible. Some brokers find success with software from LendingApps, a California technology firm. The software prompts brokers to input the necessary data and lists possible lenders, and lenders receiving the submission can return a loan quote to the applicant. Because the model requires brokers to enter information, it improves loan submission quality as well as broker's chances of success."
James Newberry, President, Newbridge Mortgage, NY
"The first deal I entered into BrokerPro was a big success, a 20-unit Multifamily deal with 2 retail spaces. My commission was $30,000. Whatever you develop in Excel will never approach the ease and sophistication of BrokerPro."
Ralph Knapp, President, Vermilion Mortgage Co., MN "BrokerPro changed the way I do business -- it put me on a totally even playing field with the big commercial mortgage brokerage houses."
Rick Fitzgerald, First American Financial, TN "I have told a number of Broker Universe viners I'd recommend the software purchase.  It has helped us grow." Jud Hale, Hale Mortgage, KS
"I got a loan for a church and made $17,000 using the BrokerPro church application and church lender database."
Lloyd Newton, Cash Link Mortgage Services, CO
"BrokerPro Software made the process much easier than if I had tried to do commercial mortgage without it. When I need a quick underwriting answer, their support has been extremely beneficial... the LendingApps staff is a quality group of business people."
Keith Bonenfant, Premier Real Estate Loans, CA
"I have purchased lots of expensive software in the past and can honestly say I have never received the level of customer service that LendingApps has offered.  Not only have you provided me with a great product but also very friendly knowledgeable underwriting assistance and great information regarding marketing for future prospects.  LendingApps had made me feel as confident with commercial loans as I am with residential."
Jerry Lewis, CEO, The Mortgage Network, CA
"I just closed my first commercial loan using your LoanSizer BrokerPro software. The LoanSizer presentation was very effective in attracting several lenders. This loan funded as a securitized transaction under UBS Warburg's small commercial loan program. The property had 42 month-to-month tenants and it took a lot of paperwork to close, but we did it. The rate was great. Thanks to you."